We are focused on supporting our clients through five distinct business practices.

Business Development:

Identification of new potential business opportunities including products and/or services

Funding acquisition assistance

Identification of potential targets for acquisition

Development of partnerships and cobranding's

Evaluation and selection of potential joint ventures

Support in international business expansion plans

Identification of local partners


Strategic Sourcing:

Identification of optimal resources providers

Streamlining of the supply chain

Outsourcing analysis

Process Optimization and Reengineering:

Identification and optimization of critical processes
Process automation evaluation

Value chain analysis

Cost reduction analysis

Management and Administration Consulting:

Business plan and logistic development
Budget, revenue, and tax maximization planning

Benchmark studies

Viability studies

Financial and valuation analysis

Marketing and Sales:

Market size, distribution, and demographic analysis

Market positioning strategy development

Customer acquisition analysis

Advertising target analysis

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